What is Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

BSC was created with a single goal — to preserve the bandwidth of Binance Chain + add smart contracts in it. The main Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network was launched in September 2020 🗓

The need to create a BSC arose because of the limitations of Binance Chain network, which despite having a high bandwidth, is not suitable for the development of DApps. A full-fledged working environment for implementing decentralized applications is available on BSC, and the block creation time is approximately 3 seconds.

Binance Smart Chain advantages:

✅ Intuitive interface
✅ Low fees
✅ High performance
✅ DeFi internet working mechanisms
✅ Simplicity of use due to the similarity with ETH (Metamask, etc)
✅ TrustWallet integration

The Internal “fuel” of Binance Smart Chain is BNB, the price of which has increased by 593% in 3 months.

The advantages of Binance Smart Chain have already been appreciated by many users. Since the beginning of the year, the number of BSC unique addresses has increased 91 times from 65k to 59m 📈

There are more and more projects that prefer BSC network when choosing a blockchain for launching a product.

FORSAGE expands opportunities for participants by providing not only a new blockchain for the development of structures with a promising asset, but also new programs 🔥

For more information, watch this video.



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