Types of Network Marketing

This information will be useful for everyone who work in network marketing.

You will save your nerves, time and money 👌🏻

There are a lot of different directions of network marketing on the Internet which differ from each other by some criteria.

Using a fake legend (profitable products, tools, etc.), some projects offer users a fixed percentage that is accrued on the deposit amount.

As soon as the inflow of funds stops and the obligations (%) increase, the legend is destroyed and the project is closed ⛔️

❗️ You should know that platforms without passive income are more secure and can exist forever!

Some projects allow clients to withdraw a sum of deposits. Others is not.

❗️Remember that a large outflow of funds can provoke a shortage of funds for the payment of interest and as a consequence of the “scam” of the project.

You can see platforms with different marketing structures: stepwise, matrix, binary, hybrid (mixed).

❗️Each of them have features and conditions that you have to learn before of working.

More than 90% of projects are centralized marketing, where all processes are managed by admins. If the managers wish, the partners’ account can be blocked, and the funds on the account are frozen.

❗️Decentralized marketing is a new paradigm, where transparency and security are provided by blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Always do your own research!

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