Forsage BUSD on your mobile browser📱

🆕In the new Forsage BUSD interface members can interact with the website via mobile browser using WalletConnect option.

〰️ WalletConnect is a protocol designed to connect wallets to DEX, DApps by scanning a QR code.

💎 You can use a lot of mobile crypto wallets and connect to Forsage BUSD new interface in a couple of clicks right from your regular browser.

Apps with WalletConnect support are good for this: Trust Wallet, SafePal, etc.

How to connect to with Trust Wallet?

— Go to

— Click “Connect Wallet”→WalletConnect

— You have to select the wallet in the “Mobile” section that you use. For example, Trust Wallet

— Click on the Trust Wallet logo. You’ll be redirected to your app

— You’ll see a request to connect to your BSC address

— Click “Connect” and return to your browser

After the connection is done, your wallet can interact with the site in the browser. Now you can use all the features of Forsage BUSD.

👉🏻 How to use WalletConnect 👈🏻

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