Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet (iOS version)

In the spring of 2020, the Trust Wallet team sent an update for the mobile wallet to Apple for approving. Later, Apple reported that the new version doesn’t comply with the principles of App Store, in particular the App Store Review Guideline 4.7.

For continue updating Trust Wallet and adding new features to the iOS version, it was decided to remove the DApp browser for Trust Wallet on iOS devices ❌

But this only applies to App Store. Therefore, the Trust Wallet team has provided another option, which allow you enable the DApp browser on your iOS device ✅

You need to have version 5.11 or higher installed on your device to proceed.

How to activate the DApp browser?

Open Safari browser on your phone or tablet

• Enter this URL: trust://browser_enable

• There will be a window that appears with the following message “Open a window in Trust?”

• Click “open”

❗️ Note: Make sure that there’re no open tabs on your Safari when on your Safari

Done! The DApp browser is enabled in Trust Wallet on your iOS device

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