DeFi advantages for FORSAGE community

DeFi is gowning up: more blockchains, projects and funds are joining the multibillion-dollar industry.

TVL has increased from $ 21.17 billion to $ 175.49 billion since January 2021 📈

So what DeFi directions can we use to multiply or convert the funds received in FORSAGE marketing?

An individual sends the tokens they wish to lend into a “money market” using a smart contract, which then issues interest in the platform’s native token.

Smart contracts define the terms of lending, connect lenders and borrowers and are responsible for the distribution of interest.

The liquidity provider earns fees from transactions that users pay when exchanging funds in the pool.

Purchase and sale of insurance if necessary. You can choose from different types of insurance: from insurance against smart-contract hacking to insurance against stablecoin default.

You can use DEXes for exchange of one asset for another with minimal fees. For example: PancakeSwap, Uniswap, etc.

If you play games than you can use P2E games for earning additional profit. A lot of them require initial investments for starting.

Use DeFi advantages and study this industry together with FORSAGE community!

Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on ETH and TRX