Comparison of two working strategies in FORSAGE ⚖️

— The activation of starting levels and constant attraction a lot of new partners
— Activating high levels and building coordinated teamwork

1️⃣ The 1st strategy: you activate the first levels and constantly invite new partners. For this activity you get 5–10 dollars after each filling of slots.

2️⃣ 2nd strategy: you build your own team and gradually move from the initial levels to high ones for getting more results.

Analytical data show that attracting a new client costs 5–25 times more expensive than maintaining an existing one.

The more regular customers you have, the less you spend on attracting new ones 💲

When you build a team, the situation is similar: upgrades of higher levels + your team activate of higher levels = double the results of work in FORSAGE marketing.

💡 For example, David decides to focus only on the first two slots in FORSAGE BUSD x3 and x4. He doesn’t think about building a team. The main task is filling slots and inviting new partners for new cycles.

💡 John chooses a different strategy. Having also activated the first two slots in FORSAGE BUSD x3 and x4, he pays great attention to building a team and establishing communication between partners.

As John’s team grow up and get the results in starting levels they together activate higher slots and double the results with each activation.

The 1st strategy also good, but it is more effective at the starting stages of work in decentralized marketing FORSAGE.

👍🏻 If you plan to work in FORSAGE for many years, then you have to use the 2nd strategy for getting the best results.

What strategy do you choose? Let’s discuss in comments below ⏬

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