Can’t build your own team or have troubles with growth of your team❓

👌🏻 It is easier if you see all people that come into your life as a so-called “networking funnel”.

Never know who will be interested in your project, business or team.

Use these 6 levels of the Networking Funnel for improving results👇🏻

Level 1 — Strangers
Level 2 — Contacts
Level 3 — Connections
Level 4 — Relationships
Level 5 — Strategic partners (business partners, clients, etc.)
Level 6 — Friends and relatives

How to turn yesterday’s strangers into future partners, mentors, clients, investors and good friends?

✅ Add new people to your networking funnel
✅ Maintain connections and develop relationships at all levels of the funnel
✅ Help people move from one level to another

We can find something or someone where we would never have thought to look for. Just do it and never give up!

More details about each steps and the algorithm of actions read in the next posts 🔜

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