Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem

BSC is a relatively young blockchain that is actively developing and attracting more and more new projects and companies.

✅ 100+ projects have already been launched on BSC
✅ 2,691,589 transactions per day
✅ More than 60 million unique addresses

Thanks to the compatibility of BSC with EVM, a lot of Dapps that experienced difficulties on Ethereum switch to Binance Smart Chain. Others simply create analogs of Ether projects.

Decentralized exchanges and liquidity:
• BakerySwap
• PancakeSwap
• BurgerSwap
• SpartanProtocol

• Binance USD
• Ditto Money
• Venus Stablecoin
• Bdollar Protocol

NFT Marketplaces:
• BakerySwap
• Lootex et al.

In such categories as cross-chain, insurance, derivatives, wallets, aggregators, there are also more and more projects, many of which migrate from ETH because of high fees ✴️

BSCscan will help you with this. This is an analog of Etherscan, only for the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

In the next post, we will analyze BSCscan in details and find out what useful information can be found in it.

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