Berlin hard fork in the Ethereum network: summary

On April 15, 2021, there was the Berlin hard fork that activated on block №12,244,000 as part of Ethereum 2.0 update. 4 proposals (EIP) for improving the network were integrated at once 🌐

EIP-2565, EIP-2929, EIP-2930 and EIP-2718

💡 EIP-2565: is lowering the gas costs of the proposal to bring them in line with the cost of executing other operations.

💡 EIP-2929: gas cost increases for state access opcodes

💡 EIP-2930: the main idea behind this proposal is to fix the breaking changes to existing contracts and mitigate some of the gas cost increases that will occur due to the introduction of EIP-2929

💡EIP-2718: This proposal introduces a new transaction type that is an envelope to enable easier support for multiple transaction types.

294 blocks after the update, there was a consensus error with one of the software clients, Open Ethereum, and nodes weren’t syncing to the blockchain ❌

✅ The developers quickly reacted on this problem and released Open Ethereum version 3.2.3.

According to the at the time of the hard fork, only 74.6% of the nodes were compatible with Berlin.

Commissions for transaction in ETH network decreased but the commission of smart contracts (including FORSAGE) remains at a high level because of increasing the ETH price 📈

Now, the commission for transfers within the network is in the range of $11.74 to $14.97, which is still high for microtransactions.

⏳ We are waiting for the next London hard fork, which is scheduled for July 2021. If the EIP-1559 proposal will be accepted, we will see huge change in the algorithm for calculating transactions, where part of the miners’ commissions will be burned.

For FORSAGE members, the Berlin update didn’t affect the ETH fees much but we follow the situation and will notify you in case of any changes.

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