You have to register in the Forsage BUSD first and then move on to xGold.

Registration in Forsage BUSD is the activation of first levels in Forsage x3 and x4 programs, which cost 5 BUSD each. In total, registration costs 10 BUSD.

📌 For this, go to to and activate x3 and x4.

Go to and click Forsage xGold. New challenge with 1020% per cycle!

Don’t forget about network fee when you activate programs.

🆕In the new Forsage BUSD interface members can interact with the website via mobile browser using WalletConnect option.

〰️ WalletConnect is a protocol designed to connect wallets to DEX, DApps by scanning a QR code.

💎 You can use a lot of mobile crypto wallets and connect to Forsage BUSD…

The x3 and x4 programs showed the world new network marketing opportunities, xXx has increased the efficiency of work in the FORSAGE BUSD smart contract.

But this world needs a new hero, whose name is xGold 🔥

🗓 Official launch date of xGold: November 29, 2021, 18:00 UTC.

Keep your BUSD, prepare teams. 4 days left.

⏰ The timer is added on the FORSAGE website.

The brand new Forsage BUSD interface is finally here!

You can watch a full video review about the new interface in FORSAGE official YouTube channel 🎥

→ The new interface is available at:
→ The old interface is still available at:

Enjoy the new interface and get ready for the upcoming launch of xGold.


xXx sync with blockchain is still in progress, should be completed within the next 12 hours. Some users may experience incomplete data in the xXx program until the syncing is done.

The most anticipated question in the community: when xGold?

🔜 The answer is: it is coming really soon, so Get your teams ready.

But before the xGold launch you will get a major update that has been in the works during the last months.

🗓 Already this Friday 05.11.2021 — authors of the idea are going to present you the biggest update in the history of the Forsage platform.

And of course, you will get the information about the xGold launch, as well as the roadmap for the coming months. It is going to be HOT 🔥

Mark you calendar, this is the event you just can not miss!

Stay tuned for FORSAGE official channel for the announcement!

Finalization of the video marathon and other hot FORSAGE news to warm you up in October 📝

Greetings to all members of the large FORSAGE family! We’re back with the most significant news from our community and the crypto industry as a whole.

— A webinar with Eddie and FORSAGE team leaders from around the world.
— Video Marathon finalization
— A new helpful article “How to promote your video on YouTube”
— Bitcoin ATH
— Attackers have stepped up. As people lose millions, FORSAGE members are protected from this risk.

👉🏻 Read here 👈🏻

We often tell you about various fraud cases involving cryptocurrency. It’s necessary that no member of the FORSAGE community loses their crypto.

There are still such offers on Twitter when scammers creates a fake account, masquerading as a famous person, and offer to double the crypto deposit.

Not only Twitter, but also other social networks/ websites are used by scammers for frauds🚫

It would seem that this type of fraud looks obvious, but, unfortunately, some people still fall for it.

💡 There is no one who will double your money just on a mere promise, so avoid such “Double your crypto” offers.


Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on ETH and TRX

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