— The activation of starting levels and constant attraction a lot of new partners
— Activating high levels and building coordinated teamwork

1️⃣ The 1st strategy: you activate the first levels and constantly invite new partners. For this activity you get 5–10 dollars after each filling of slots.

2️⃣ 2nd…

We get a lot of positive feedback about the FORSAGE platform in general and specific programs in particular: x3 / x4 / xXx…

Many of us once decided to test the FORSAGE platform and study the advantages of decentralized marketing. Today you are leaders with great teams and fantastic results.

When you share your results with us, you inspire and show that everything is possible with FORSAGE🏆

Here’s what you periodically send to us:

“I dreamt of earning a 100 dollars on launch day and now forsage is making us dream for a 100k. Not far , we will be making it very soon also with a 100k team size. Thanks to creators, moderators and marketing team for building a brand”©️

🙏 You should thank yourself first, your partners, team, community for activity, participation and striving for success because of FORSAGE is each of us.

🌐 https://forsage.io

We want to share with you some key news from our community and the crypto industry as a whole.

👉🏻 FORSAGE video marathon

👉🏻 China vs mining

👉🏻 New heights of our community

Read here

Decentralized exchanges, games, marketplaces and other apps are actively developing and attracting more and more users to their communities.

If you look at the statistics, FORSAGE is among the TOP 20 projects on BSC by users activity for 30 days🏆

Some days we are in the TOP 10.

• Total participants in FORSAGE BUSD: 157 023
• Joined in 24 hours: 719
• Members results: $17 870 462

▶️ FORSAGE is #1 DeFi networking not only in BSC but among all the multi-level marketing platforms out there!

Join our community: forsage.io


When prices fall and traders’ stop losses don’t work, then panic begins 😱

✅ With FORSAGE your activity for team building gets fully rewarded with stable and transparent results, that stay with you despite of the market volatility.


DeFi is gowning up: more blockchains, projects and funds are joining the multibillion-dollar industry.

TVL has increased from $ 21.17 billion to $ 175.49 billion since January 2021 📈

So what DeFi directions can we use to multiply or convert the funds received in FORSAGE marketing?


This information will be useful for everyone who work in network marketing.

You will save your nerves, time and money 👌🏻

There are a lot of different directions of network marketing on the Internet which differ from each other by some criteria.

🔎 “Passive income or not”

Using a fake legend (profitable products, tools, etc.)…

Many people are scared away from network marketing because of all the myths and misunderstanding about this type of business.

📌 One of the most important things you can do to ensure your success is to treat your network marketing venture as the business it is.

Here are a few other tips to help you:

1 — Study network…

Great news, community!

Now you can use FORSAGE calculator on the main page https://forsage.io for xGold program.

✍🏻 Calculator is a tool that helps to see the potential results from your activity in FORSAGE programs. The calculator gives you the estimation of your results for one full cycle of all the levels selected as well as the total cost of activation.

One cycle in each of the FORSAGE programs is not time-dependent, but requires a certain amount of partners invited to your team 👥

Simply select the desired levels you want to open to see the calculations 💎

Remember, your results in FORSAGE always depend on your activity.

👉 Go to FORSAGE Calculator Main Page.

👌🏻 It is easier if you see all people that come into your life as a so-called “networking funnel”.

Never know who will be interested in your project, business or team.

Use these 6 levels of the Networking Funnel for improving results👇🏻

Level 1 — Strangers
Level 2 — Contacts
Level 3…


Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on ETH and TRX

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