🗓 Late July

There were a lot of news and community events at the end of the last month: BUSD notification bot update, Lado Okhotnikov’s video messages, the publications of interesting stories of FORSAGE participants, etc.

💡It is worth mentioning the cooperation of the FORSAGE community with third-party crypto services (Trust Wallet, MetaMask) about their current issues and possible solutions.

FORSAGE is an active part of the whole crypto community, which not only uses the opportunities of crypto technologies, but also helps to the development of the whole industry 💪🏻

Read the full digest here

✍🏻 When you mention the FORSAGE in social networks, forums, blogs, chats, talk about opportunities and share results you create a positive background for yourself and your future.

Thanks to this we are where we are and today the number of participants reached hundreds of thousands of people 📈

📝 We have selected TOP-7 feedback impressions of working at FORSAGE that you shared on the Internet. Good job!

💬 “The FORSAGE smart contract will work forever”
💬 “The hardest part will be the first month”
💬 “Best thing I’ve seen lately”
💬 “29 partners and $15,000 profit”

Share your stories, impressions about FORSAGE and, perhaps, your review will be among those we will publish next time 💡

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Great news, everyone!

The bot is back online 👉 @busd_forsage_io_bot

FORSAGE BUSD notification bot has been updated and now working fully with all the 3 programs: x3, x4, xXx.

⚙️ Set up the telegram bot (http://t.me//busd_forsage_io_bot) in just a few steps to get the notifications for your account right in your phone:

1. Go to http://t.me//busd_forsage_io_bot and Start the bot
2. Enter your account BUSD address (starts with 0x…) and press send.

That is it, you are all set.

Whenever a new partner joins or you get incoming transaction to your wallet — you will be notified right away.

🌐 In case you want to switch the bot language: press Settings and choose from selection of 10 languages.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Go fast, Go BIG, Go FORSAGE!

⚡️ https://forsage.io

For activating the xXx program, first you have to register on FORSAGE BUSD platform first.

After that you can activate the xXx program:

👉 Scroll down to FORSAGE xXx
👉 Activate xXx program
👉 8 BUSD start entry
👉 0,015 BNB (for network fee)
👉 Go to new peaks!

Now the total number of xXx participants is more than 10к and total turnover is more 1,4 M dollars. Let’s play big and do new records 🏆


💡 How does the FORSAGE xXx program work
📑 The FORSAGE_BUSD presentation
🎥 FORSAGE BUSD official video

Working with BUSD token turned out to be complicated for many users resulting in mistakes or even inability to register ⛔️

No wonder, because of it requires to have 2 assets: BUSD (for programs) and BNB (for network fees)💡

To prevent errors and help you avoid wasting time, a series of updates has been implemented:

1️⃣ Complete redesign of the Registration page: now it’s easier to see your Upline and edit it before the registration.

2️⃣ Check up system: wallet, network, balance, approve BUSD are now automatically checked to show you the status of every steps of the registration. …

The new xXx program has been launched last weekend and it was hot. The program has shown the potential right from the very start and many members are showing amazing results 🏆


🔒 FORSAGE BUSD security has been upgraded with automatic checkup system to avoid issues

🔒 The website is fully operational

🔒 The contract is 100% intact and working correctly

👉🏻Join FORSAGE xXx 👈🏻

About errors and how to solve it

If you’ve a network error check

✅ You need to access the website from dapp browser in your crypto wallet or with Metamask extension installed on your desktop. …

The launch of xXx is rescheduled 24 hours ahead to ensure the security and stability of the xXx program and the platform smooth operation. Hold tight 👌

⚠️ The launch of xXx is pushed back to tomorrow: July 17, 2021, 12:00 UTC.


We suggest to use the extra time for deep learning of marketing and team’s preparation.

All useful information can be found here 👇

The FORSAGE_BUSD presentation

How does the FORSAGE xXx program work

FORSAGE Guide for New Users in BUSD

How to Register in FORSAGE BUSD via Smartphone

How to add a BUSD token to your wallet

Manual registration in FORSAGE BUSD

Official launch date of xXx: July 16, 2021, 12:00 UTC 🗓

✅ What is FORSAGE xXx?

FORSAGE xXx is the exclusive program in FORSAGE BUSD. It opens new opportunities for spillovers and team expansion with 12 new levels starting with 8 BUSD.

✅ Why activate xXx?

xXx introduces expanded mechanics for team growth and increases spillover probability compared to x4 program.

✅ How to activate xXx?

• If you are FORSAGE BUSD member — just login to your account and activate xXx starting with the 1st level for 8 BUSD. …

FORSAGE BUSD will be updated in 2 days and xXx opportunities will open up for everyone⏳

🗓 Official launch date of xXx: July 16, 2021, 12:00 UTC.

❗️ Important information

• You continue with the same upline.

• You need to register in FORSAGE BUSD for activating xXx program.

• Total amount to start in xXx from scratch is 18 BUSD, including the registration.

• Don’t forget about the BNB commission for BUSD transactions.

Get everyone in your team ready. Be sure the wallets are configured and have enough funds on the balance ✅

⏱ Countdown timer is added on the FORSAGE website.

Read about How does the FORSAGE xXx program works here.


Last week we talked about a new type of fraud related with the substitution of recipient addresses.

Recently, there has been detected the phishing site of PancakeSwap that look like a real PancakeSwap⚠️

Phishing is a type of Internet fraud when criminals use fake websites to steal your private keys, passwords and data.

In PancakeSwap case the scammers created a site whose URL is very similar to the original. Just compare 👇🏻

✅ True PancakeSwap: pancakeswap
❌ Phishing site: Pacanakeswap

They promote a fake site in a search to achieve 1st place in the search results. That’s what scammers need.


Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on ETH and TRX

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