5 Metrics for Binance Smart Chain Users

2 min readApr 6, 2021


🔗 Blockchains are unique in their openness and transparency, which allows each user to track transactions, the amount of commissions, monitor the balance and monitor the development of the blockchain.

1️⃣ BscScan

The same team that gave us EtherScan worked on the development of BscScan. This is an explorer and analytical platform for Binance Smart Chain.

This resource will be the main site of information for you after the launch of FORSAGE smartcontract 👌🏻

2️⃣ Gas price in BSC

Here you can track the average gas price before sending funds.

BSC commissions are very low. That is one of the reasons for the deployment of the new FORSAGE smart contract on this blockchain.

3️⃣ Unique Addresses & Transaction volume in BSC

The BSC network is expanding, new users, new addresses, increasing of the number of transfers. |

There have been created 144,264 unique addresses in the Binance Smart Chain for the last 24 hours and the total number of transactions per day has approached half a million (481,313) 📈

4️⃣ Profitable farming

Yield Farms shows the liquidity #mining opportunities, current farms, and links to their sites. Everything is collected in one place.

MathDApp help you to track various dApps in the BSC ecosystem.

5️⃣ Token Tracker

Here you can track BEP-20 tokens by capitalization and trading volume.

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