11 Tips to Network Marketing Success 📝

Many people are scared away from network marketing because of all the myths and misunderstanding about this type of business.

📌 One of the most important things you can do to ensure your success is to treat your network marketing venture as the business it is.

1 — Study network marketing
Learn about this sphere, research companies/platform carefully. Any great feat requires knowledge and action.

2 — Find the platform for your networking
Do your own research and partner with a trustworthy platform with fair marketing, so you can build a long term business.

Decentralized platforms like FORSAGE provide the most secure and long-term development way 📈

3 — Be honest and ethical
If you like the product, your enthusiasm is enough to promote it. Just make sure you’re not over-the-top or making exaggerated or false claims.

4 — Don’t be annoying to your family, friends
In most cases, friends and family often come after seeing the network marketing’s success.

5 — Identify your target market
Like any other business, you’re going to have greater success and efficiency if you identify your target market and focus your marketing efforts at them.

6 — Listen and give the solution
By qualifying your contact first, and then listening to their needs, you can tailor your pitch so that you’re the solution to their problem.

Many people had problems with traditional network marketing. Marketing on smart contracts solves a lot of problems ✅

7 — Upline benefits
For success, you need to see your role not as racking up as many recruits as possible, but in being a leader and trainer.

8 — Set goals
Determine how many people you need to show your products or business to reach your goals in the time you want. Doing so will ensure you grow your business rather than just sustain it.

There are special calculators for count the expected results like FORSAGE member Calculator 👌🏻

9 — Every day actions
Some ideas include sharing your results with the platform in social media, hosting a presentation meeting, or starting a website.

10 — Stand out from other distributors
Give people a reason to choose you over other reps. Some options include more personalized service, starting your own rewards program, or something that offers greater value.

11 — Develop a system for following up
If someone tells you no, but there was something in the dialogue that suggested they might be interested in the future, ask if you can put them on your mailing or email list, or if you can call in six months to follow up.

Many will give you their email or phone number just because they want to be nice 👌🏻

Success is always in your hands

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