☢️ PancakeSwap phishing site ☢️

Last week we talked about a new type of fraud related with the substitution of recipient addresses.

Recently, there has been detected the phishing site of PancakeSwap that look like a real PancakeSwap⚠️

Phishing is a type of Internet fraud when criminals use fake websites to steal your private keys, passwords and data.

In PancakeSwap case the scammers created a site whose URL is very similar to the original. Just compare 👇🏻

✅ True PancakeSwap: pancakeswap
❌ Phishing site: Pacanakeswap

They promote a fake site in a search to achieve 1st place in the search results. That’s what scammers need.

Users look for true PancakeSwap in google and see the first link in results. They click on it then. The system ask you to enter a private key for synchronizing with a wallet on the fake site. If you do this your crypto will be stolen ⛔️

✔️ Check the site URL before using
✔️ Use browser bookmarks for saving sites so that you don’t have to search for them on the Internet
✔️ Avoid sites where you are asked to enter a private key

Scammers can copy any site and pretend it as a real one, including FORSAGE. That is why make sure you are entering the platform via https://forsage.io.

Be careful!

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